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Professional Course
Personal Home Organizer

(Theoretical and practical):



Date of next class: July 2023

Opening hours: from 9 am to 7 pm (1 hour break for lunch and 02 coffee breaks during the day)


Organization is a subject that has grown more and more and has spread throughout the world not only as an indispensable practice, but also as a serious and recognized profession.


Patricia Correa created this course to share all her knowledge and experiences in the residential organization market.


It is a differentiated course for approaching theory in the classroom and practice in the client's home. After the theoretical course, each student will participate with our team in a Mybest Organizer project, in a real environment, having the possibility to practice the techniques learned in the classroom.





• Módulo 1:​​​​​

  • What is organization?

  • Understanding the profession of Personal Organizer

  • What types of services are offered?

  • Organizational steps

  • A Practical Guide to a Personal Organizer(work material, uniform, food and schedules)

  • Technical visit and how to approach your customer

  • Posture, ethics and empathy​

• Module 2:

  • Where to start organizing

  • Organizational techniques in each residential environment

  • How to organize: women';s and men';s closets, wardrobe, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, laundry room.

  • The main organizing products and how to use them​

• Module 3:

  • How to pattern bends using templates

  • What are the template sizes and how to choose the ideal one

  • Learn the folds of:

- wardrobe parts (elastic sheet, bath towels);

- underwear (panties, underwear, stockings, pantyhose, bra without cups, belt, etc.);

- sports clothes (cyclist shorts, lycra clothes and dry fit t-shirts);

• Module 4:

  • how to start your business (step by step)

  • necessary investments

  • How to price and send a quote

  • Closing / Approval

  • Delivery / Return / After Sales

  • Provision of service contract

  • Disclosure and partnerships

  • How to get started on the main social network: Instagram

  • Laboratories and Suppliers



Participation in a project of up to 03 days, experiencing with our team the organization of all the environments of the house:

• Female and Male Closet

• Closet

• Bathrooms

• Kitchen

• Laundry


Reasons for you to take the Mybest Organizer course:

• Patricia tells how she started, shares her experiences and teaches in a transparent way how to enter this market;

• The only course that takes you to participate in a real project at the client';s home and gives you the opportunity to learn about behavior, creativity, stages of organization and delivery in fully functioning environments;

• Certificate with the seal of Mybest Organizer for training in Personal Organizer Home;


• Exclusive handout material, developed by the experience of the Mybest Organizer team.


How to organize a closet & organization techniques

In our workshop, we give basic tips on organization, we talk about the benefits and results of being organized, what are the main techniques and how to start organizing a closet, curiosities and how to use the main organizing products.


Lasting 30 minutes, we adapt the language according to the audience and also present cases in a way that talks to the occasion.


Get in touch so we can start working together.

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