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About Us

Patricia Correa is a personal organizer, formed by N.A.P.O. (National Association of Professional Organizer) of New York and certified by OZ! Organize Your Life, a pioneering Brazilian company in the training of professionals in the organization.


She specializes in house moving organization and clothing folding techniques.

Her experience as an organizer started in New York at the beginning of 2015, where she participated in several projects and discovered how much she liked this profession.


In 2016, she returned to Brazil and decided to open her own company and since then she has been transforming many houses through the organization.

In 2022 she is back in the United States, serving Brazilian and American customers, taking the benefits of the organization to as many people as possible!

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You reach
what you believe
you deserve

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Exploring the use of useless spaces

and propose solutions that have not yet been thought of, making the most of everything the customer already has.




Make an impeccable delivery.

We are demanding and perfectionists.

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A huge respect for your space and your objects. We are extremely careful with everything we are organizing.





We seek to be free from judgment, we work with technique and not with opinion.

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Our work is personalized. Therefore, the most important thing for us is to listen to our customer and deliver something tailored.



Confidence and confidentiality of information are essential in every home we organize.

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