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Organize your home

Have you ever felt the thrill of seeing your home organized?

And no longer having the discomfort with the mess or the waste of time looking for something?

An organized environment brings the feeling of control and with that

the feeling of security and comfort.

We have organization methodology for all residential environments

and we train employees to maintain what has been accomplished:

  • Closets and cabinets

  • kitchen and pantry

  • bathrooms

  • Laundry

  • home office

  • Garage

Organize your moving

How would you feel about having your new house organized quickly, without the stress of seeing cardboard boxes scattered all over the house?

We carry out the entire change process or just the organization

from the new house.


STEP 1 | Pre-Change; Planning

  • We received the transport team at the location of the move.

  • We monitor and control everything that is being packed. (Photo and listing).

  • We close the boxes and define the destination of each one. (Different colors for each room and numbering).

  • Monitoring of everything that is placed on the truck.

  • Leaving the old house and arriving at the new house.

STEP 2 | Post-Move; Opening of boxes and Organization

  • Open all the boxes and unpack the items.

  • Categorize the items and separate everything by rooms.

  • Organize all objects in the correct place and implement an organization system in the new house.

  • Bringing solutions through organization tools to gain spaces and keep everything practical and functional.

  • Remove all boxes and packing materials.


Organization is a subject that has grown more and more and has spread throughout the world not only as an indispensable practice, but also as a serious and recognized profession.

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Our Process

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3. Organization

1. Initial Visit

2. Proposal

We visit your home, to get to know the area and understand what are the difficulties of the environment and what solution we can offer.

We send a proposal

with customized solution.

Our team starts the process

environment organization

to transform it into a functional place according to our client's needs.

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6. Maintenance

4. Training

5. Feedback

Tour with the customer to present the changes made. Training for the person in charge on how to keep the space organized.

After 15 days, we contact you to verify satisfaction

and customer adaptation after

the changes made.

According to the necessity

of the customer, we offer the service

maintenance and reorganized

the place.


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